Best 10 Fitness Centres In Portland

    Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club


The Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club is located at 740 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227, North Portland, Eliot. The gym was established in the year 2011. The gym is also known as BCBC. The Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club was founded by Jay T, a fitness expert with more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry.

Jay has worked with more than a thousand athletes and competed in 15 sports while he was in the Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Portland. Jay is until now a member of USA Weightlifting Education staff. He is also CSCS certified.

The Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club has lots of training programs which include CrossFit Football, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, Olympic Weightlifting, and Strength and Conditioning (Basic Barbell). The fitness centre also offers on-site personal training and distance coaching for people that want more specialized programming. The Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club provides members and athletes with authentic strength & conditioning. Their training methodologies are also based on a proper knowledge on related data.

Rachel S. from Portland, OR mentioned that BCBC is a great gym.  She also mentioned that the trainers at the gym are awesome and they have something for individual of fitness level. Rachel has been working out at the Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club for more than a year and she claimed to have been seeing results. The trainers also focus on technique and members are not pressured to do things they are not comfortable with.

Sara M. from Portland, OR claims Bridgetown Crossfit and Barbell Club is the best CrossFit gym in Portland area. According to Sara, the owners take the fitness centre and their members. They are also very motivating and incredibly welcoming.

You can contact Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club fitness centre on (503) 281-1083 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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