Top 10 Fitness Centres In Santa Ana, CA

4. The 12-Irvine

The 12-Irvine has been a top fitness center in California. It is located at 17532 Von Karman Ave Irvine, CA 92614. Josh Boyd and Derek Graham are founding partners of the 12-Irvine.

If you are looking for a very good organogram if the scope of fitness you will surely get one with the 12-Irvine fitness centre. The executive and staffs are sectioned in such a way that they give best possible fitness advice to fitness enthusiast, i.e those who wants to really give their best shots to body fitness.

Afterburn training coaches at The 12-Irvin includes; Tricia Buck, MattewGencarella, Ryan Hall, Angela Ellefson, Sarah Gillette, Sofee Beer, Brittany Rowley, Nichole Ormsby. Membership service coaches includes; Renee Valadez. Afterburn Nutrition Coaches includes; Nikki Boyd, Jennifer Toro, Cyrus Mokhtari,

There are quite a number of services offered by this fitness center in Califonia. Afterburn classes is one of the very important programs offered by 12-Irvine, in the classes the set goal is for member to have a personal training experience even while going through group training sessions. Afterburn training involves the use of cardio equipment, doing series of multi directional movement, lifting weights with increased intensity.

The afterburn nutrition is another dynamic program of the 12 and it is built to help get you in shape speedily. This is a gym for every man and woman who wants to get improved body fitness. Some testimonies of yelp revealed some facts about the fitness center.

John F. confirms that the 12-Irvine have gotten the most efficient workouts to making people begin looking bodily great in no time. Jeannie C revealed that The 12-Irvine has an allowed app that allows for you to monitor your class schedules.

For more details about the 12-Irvine contact any of the following below;

Phone number: (949) 222-9052

Website address:

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