Top 10 Fitness Centres In Santa Ana, CA

9. OC Fit Irvine


OC Fit Irvine is one of the best fitness centers in California. It is located at 17935 Sky Park Cir Ste D Irvine, CA 92614. It has been a major one for people residing in the city.

OC Fit Irvine fitness center was actually created to serve the people of OC. It is a center to get fit, healthy and lean. You will also get tone of energy i.e OC Fit. The trainers at OC Fit Irvine fitness center are passionate ones who are overly ready to motivate and care for your throughout your training period.

OC Fit has a credit tagging it the most effective fitness center for people who are busy workers. The training session includes doing cardio, core workouts and weight training.

The fitness center offers bonuses to clients which come in a cheaper rate. At OC Fit Irvine you can do personal training, kickboxing, boot camp, resistance training, group exercise. Every of this workouts are done to affect your own desired fitness goal.

OC Fit Irvine bonus offers includes; free nutritional, fat loss guide and personalized eating diet. It is a culture the most of this packages comes with variation according to your own fitness package.OC Fit Irvine opens everyday of the week so it is up to you to get in at your own rightful time.

Jocelyn M confirmed that OC Fit Irvine is one of the best fitness gyms around. He claimed that he began seeing results on the days he clocked 21 days at the gym. Emily F confirms that all coaches at OC Fit Irvine are very motivational and will push you until you get your desired fitness goal.

However, Sakina K complained that the coaches were not very good to her. Renne S still believes that the gym coaches are very wonderful motivators and exclaimed that he has found his fitness home.

The contact details of the OC Fit Irvine

Phone number: (949) 491-4187

Website Address:

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