The Top 10 Houston’s Gyms And Health Clubs

  1. AllSport CrossFit

all sport

AllSport CrossFit is one of the best of  Houston’s gyms and health clubs. The fitness centre focuses on strength and conditioning program. The program is founded on helping people build functional fitness. The gym is located at Houston, TX 77098 Upper Kirby. AllSport CrossFit is owned and operated by Susie, a fitness expert and coach with different certifications in fitness ranging from CrossFit endurance, football, Kids and CrossFit level 1 trainer among others.

AllSport CrossFit is fitness, fun, community, true strength, life changing, life saving, reaching your athletic potential and scalable for everyone. They do not have a specialty because they deliver broad fitness that fit jsut anybody of any fitness level.

At AllSPort CrossFit, they met everybody’s physical need including elderly people and professional athletes.  The strength and conditioning program in this place constantly varied and their functional movements are usually performed at high intensity. They are safe, natural and a vital way of keeping up with the maintenance of a good quality of life.

all sport crossfitCurrently, AllSport is offering new members introductory series that consists of 3 classes in 3 days for just $20. The regular pricing at AllSport is reasonable and you can schedule your class online. From series of reports from different people, AllSPort has a very friendly box and good trainers. They gym is also reported to be properly stocked with good equipments.

Bert L. from Houston, TX mentioned in his review that AllSport Crossfit is his first experience with CrossFit and it was amazing. He reported that their facility is great; the instructions are good with well-maintained equipments. He also said the fitness centre has a plenty of free parking space.

Anthony W. from Houston, TX reported that the atmosphere in the place is awesome and the coaches are great. He also mentioned that the place is spacious and very clean as well.

N T. from Houston, TX admitted that AllSport if the Best Crossfit gym he has ever been to. He thinks the coaches are amazing and the facilities are also good. He said the trainers there help you to work at your own pace and they also push you o that you can be fully challenged and careful enough to help you not to injure yourself.

You can contact the AllSport CrossFit Training centre on (713) 304-0009 or visit their website at to learn more.

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