Best 10 Gyms In Bosto, Massachusetts

  1. Achieve Fitness

logoAchieve fitness is one of the award-winninggyms in Boston, located at 42 Merriam St Somerville, MA 02143. It was established in 2012 with a view to providing a gym that truly cares about the success of their members. It is co-owned by Jason Pak and Lauren Perreault.

Owing to the immense experience gathered in a traditional gym, the owners (Jason and Lauren) knew there was a need to create a special kind of gym that helps people achieve their desires of weight loss or muscle gain via proven means that doesn’t have to encompass the erroneously believed route of crash diets, rather ridiculous workout schemes, dangerous chemical-stuffed supplements consumption etc.

The founders have a mission of creating a better life experience for people in their best capacity, which so far has included the numerous people that have benefited from their wealth of experience. In Achieve Fitness, there are unique concepts that have been put in place over the years and have been proven to be of immense benefit to members.

The different-from-usual practice being adopted include: Personalized Training programs (which is individual-based, meeting the individual need of members), a conducive learning environment as well as a welcoming atmosphere where members feel at home on entering the venue. This has fostered a warm rapport between members and the caring coaches.

achieve fitness

In attaining health and fitness, they are of the belief that it is not a journey to be embarked upon single-handedly, hence, their qualified and intelligent trainers being available all through the journey. One cutting edge of Achieve fitness is that they do have a Unify Approach which mixes the four main aspects of health – mental state, ability to move the body, nutritional habits and recovery capabilities. The words: think, move, fuel, and recover are frequently employed in their sessions.

Renee L, from Cambridge reported that He enjoys going to Achieve Fitness because of the environment and established culture there, He largely recommends the gym especially the training sessions. Rebecca M believes it is a great gym and a beautiful space with lots of community development events, she specially appreciates the customized training programs for the members.

You can contact Achieve Fitness on (617) 616-5801 or visit their website at for more information.

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