The Top 10 Gyms In Bosto, MA

  1. The Training Room 1

best gyms in BostoIt is a fitness centrelocated at 691A Somerville Ave Somerville, MA 02143. Co-owned by Heidi Shalek (CPT, HKC, FMS) and MarenKravitz (CPT, SFG, FMS), It was established in 2009 in Sommerville, MA. In 2012, after the success of the firstly opened training room, another Sommerville location for the same Training Room was established.

They offer Personal training, trac, group training, nutrition services as well as studio classes. Interesting thing about their personal training program is that impartation of knowledge, accountability and motivation for more delivery of tasks and achievement of fitness goals are being offered by the highly skilled trainers to the clients. Their one-on-one package pricing is categorized on hourly basis which could be 1 hour session ($105) to as long as 52 hour session ($4,575)  while their fitness assessment pricing is based on sessions likewise, which could be 30 minutes assessment or 60 minutes assessment for $50-$100 respectively.

The TRAC training is a strength and conditioning program that closes the bridge between Personal training and group training. It is aimed at improving participants’ behavior, sleep quality, nutrition habits. It is carried out at the beginning of each month and it is carried out twice in a week. One month and two months trac training is billed thus $225 and $635 respectively. Small group training is also carried out in which trainees could decide to be in 2’s or 4’s; all being directed at cost reduction and also to keep the training objectives met adequately.

The studio training includes the following: 50/50, circuit training, advanced kettlebell training, cycling, strength and conditioning etc. Nutrition consultation and nutrition sessions are also carried out for the clients – all in a bid to foster the purpose of the training programme.

best gyms in Bosto

Kimberly K, from Sommerville reported that The Training Room (1 and 2) has surpassed all of her expectations of a fitness facility and that the trainers are incredibly helpful with their advice and recommendations.

Vivian L, from Brighton believes the trainers are great and friendly but observed the place is pricy compared to a membership gym.

You can get in touch with the Training Room on (617) 284-6088 or visit their website for more information.

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