Best 10 Gyms & Health Clubs In San Diego

  1. Crossfit 619

    o (27)Crossfit 619 is one of the fitness centres in San Diego. It is located in at 5260 Riley St San Diego, CA 92110. The gym is operated by Chris Keith along with a team of 4 other professional coaches, which are Chung Sun, Teshina DeBoer, Josh Miller and Bob Curatola. CrossFit 619 is a fitness centre that specializes in making use of Scientifically Proven and Evidence Based Fitness is our approach.

    It was reported that at 619, their One-on-One Personal Training is one of the most effective way by which you can achieve your personal fitness and health goal. Also, all members of their one-on-one Personal Training have access to unlimited program. At 619, it is believed that Nutrition plays an important role in laying a good foundation for your health, longevity, athletic performance and your fitness.

    They have 3 Phase Nutrition Plan that have helped thousands of people and 10 Focal Points of Nutrition has helped 1000’s of people in San Diego get in good shape and better health. Another one of their programs is Aerobic Training which is aimed at assisting people in improving their respiratory endurance and cardiovascular function. At 619, they also specialize in correcting Muscle Imbalances and Postural Deviations.

    They also make use of the latest techniques in exercise science such as Bodyweight Exercise – Activities like yoga, dance, calisthenics, climbing, and gymnastics. These activities are aimed at helping athletes develop kinaesthetic awareness and body control in a unique way. 619 also offer Resistance Training, Weight and Olympic Weightlifting, which is based on the Clean, Overhead Snatch, Squat, Deadlift and Jerk.

    All these are intended to help you to become fast, powerful and strong. At 619, they also make use of tools such as exercise and food journals and Activity logs so as to help you achieve a long term success and to keep you motivated. They also encourage their clients to embrace a competitive spirit, either with oneself or another as it helps someone to achieve a higher goal.

    A client review by Mike M from Corpus Christi, TX tells more about the coaches. Mike mentioned the names of the coaches and his experiences with each one of them. He described them as being positive, motivating, knowledgeable with super technique advice and great mobility and he enjoyed training with them.

    Pakie s from San Diego, CA reported that the gym is well equipped and spacious and that people there are friendly, encouraging and observant.

    Kesley R said he was someone that was nervous and feeling intimidated on entering CrossFit 619, but that didn’t last long before Coach Chung helped him feel at ease and excited. He recommends the gym for others.

    You can contact Crossfit 619 fitness centre on (619) 840-9099 or visit their website at to learn more.

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