Fitness Centres In San DiegoNXPT is a fitness centre in San Diego and it is located in 8148 Ronson Rd, San Diego, CA 92111 at Mercury St Kearny Mesa.

NXPT fitness centre is known for x45 classes and the hour-long workouts. They also offer Muay Thai, High Intensity Interval workout, Outdoor bootcamps and yoga. Their workouts usually involves a warm-up that is followed by a circuit along with a special focus for that day, which could be the leg, arms, core or back etc

Fitness Centres In San DiegoAle S. from Point Loma, San Diego, CA agrees that NXPT is the best gym in the city of San Diego and the best he has ever attended. He said each training class in the place allows you to push yourself mentally and physically and the trainers are generous with their talents as well.

Jonny L. from San Diego, CA reported that NZPT fitness centre is everything he has ever wanted out of a gym. He also reported that their workout are dynamic and always changing. She also said they are focused on strength training, functionality and results. He also saqif the class schedule are always available and consistent along with nice musics.

Alifah K. from San Diego, CA mentioned that he had tried many other crossfit gyms but he was excited to finally be able to find a perfect balance of what he was looking for in a workout. He went further to mention to others on his review about NXPT on Yelp.com that since time is precious and people want to get results from their workout, they should try NXPT. Alifah mention that the gym is run by a team of trainers that is amazingly caring.

You can contact NXPT fitness centre on (916) 990-4324 or visit their website at nxptfit.com to learn more.

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