1. Art of Eight Training And Fitness Centre

Fitness Centres In San DiegoThe Art of Eight Training and Fitness Centre is located at 8623 Spectrum Center Blvd San Diego, CA 92123 at Kearny Villa Rd Kearny Mesa. The fitness centre is also known as AO8. It is a boxing and kickboxing gym in San Diego.

Art of Eight Training and Fitness Centre is said to be a place you can go to for muay thai, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, boxing and MMA in San Diego. This gym was founded by a well-known celebrity trainer and an internationally respected former 2-times Champion of international Muay Thai that goes by the name Melchor Menor. The gym was founded in the year 2011 with the mission of bringing instructions that are of high quality to a boxing gym in San Diego.

Melchor Menor also known as Coach Mel is the head trainer and master instructor at Art of Eight Training and Fitness centre. AO8 has 8,000 square foot facility with full sized boxing ring, kid’s program, multi heavy bags, Weight room, expert level trainers and Hoist fitness equipment among others.

Fitness Centres In San DiegoThe Ao8 has a team of 12 professional trainers that are dedicated to making your gym experience dynamic, safe and clean. They are said to have a team of World champion instructors. They are also reported to have a constructive and positive atmosphere. We are a fitness center at heart and our professional trainers and staffs is here to make sure your gym experience is clean, safe, and dynamic.

A client’s review by Ivory R from San Diego helps us to understand that AO8 is a great gym. She also makes us understand that the gym is clean and spacious and that everyone in the gym is was super helpful.

SD N. from San Diego, CA describes the place as one of his favourite places to work out so far and the staff and trainers are always welcoming and nice. He also said he still looks forward to going back to the gym.

Mark K. from Pittsburgh, PA reported that the gym is well organised and managed.

From Marisue G.’s point of view, a client from San Diego, CA, the AO8 is the best place to train and workout and he is still grateful to his friend that introduced him to the gym.

Cindy M. from San Diego, CA also agrees that Ao8 is a fantastic gym. He also reported that if you are the sissy type on workout, the place might not be for you because the trainers will push you really hard. From her review on AO8, we also get to know that the gym is more of fighting and they also have other classes like weight training, core strength training.

You can contact Art Of Eight training centre on (858) 779-4268 or visit their website at ao8training.com to learn more.

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