1. South Park Fitness

Fitness Centres In San DiegoSouth Park Fitness centre is a full service gym with personal trainers that are there to make gym experience more productive and comfortable for their clients. South Park Fitness centre is located at 2211 30th St.San Diego, CA 92104 b/t Ivy St & Juniper, South Park, Golden Hill.

The gym is owned and operated by Robert Pouliot. He has operated his personal training business for more than 25 years now. He is also a published fitness and health author. Roberts is said to be an expert in all the areas of fitness and his area of specialization includes balance, injury prevention, core strength, bad backs and posture improvement. He manages the gym with 3 other professional coaches which are Kaylene Victorio, Marco Vitali, Michael Florendo

Fitness Centres In San DiegoIn Asa B.’s report from San Diego, CA, he has been going to South Park Fit for 6 months now, and he has not had an annoying or bad experience. They also have a dietitian.

Sophia G. from San Diego, CA thinks that the Gym service and upkeep are excellent and she enjoyed how the employees do greet everyone by name.  She also mentioned that she hope the gym exists for a long time.

Another report from another one of their clients in South Park Fitness centre, 60 years old Norma B. from San Diego, CA helps us to know that the trainers in this place can work with any person of any age. According to him, he found what he was looking for and he was impressed with Kaylene Victorio’s creative exercises. His workouts have helped to improve the parts of his body that were weak.

Laura O. from San Diego, CA described South Park Fit as a place where everyone of the trainer knows your name, just the way many other clients’ reviews mentioned. Most of them also agree that the gym isn’t huge but it is well equipped and never crowded.

You can contact South Park Fitness centre on (619) 316-2333 or visit their website at www.southparkfitness.com to learn more

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