1. Fit Farm

With specification on gym and training activities, the fit farm is located at 4383 Nicholas St Omaha, NE 68131. It is one of the best fitness centres in Omaha, Nebraska, and owned by Andrew F.

The fit farm welcomes people of all age, size and ability. Whatever the fitness goal members might have, the fit farm provides a home that makes it a reality. Are you looking to shed off some weight, do you just desire to be in good shape? Do you want to compete? The Fit Farm provides an avenue for you to achieve this and be the best version of yourself.

The Fit farm serve all members by providing personal training, one-on-one training sessions and crossfit classes for members. Thus whatever your fitness goal is, the environment is approachable with customized service to suit members capacity. New members will get started by being set up with a one-on-one section. This will allow the club determine the member’s foundation skill in strength, flexibility and endurance, the fitness levels, goals and abilities. Thus a perfect plan tthat will suit the member is carved out.


The fit farm fitness club boast of the availabilty of state of the art amenities. The facility spans over 10,000 sq. foot with a full locker room with showers, indoor turf for conditioning and an olympic floor outfitted entirely with Rogue Equipment, personal training room, aerial yoga with a strength focused area for powerlifting. Group training classes and personal training classes are also offered and clients are assured of exercises that promotes functional movements as well as a healthy and a stronger lifestyle.

A couple of users experience gathered by this Nebraska fitness centre review established some of the facts claimed above. Aynsley W. from Bellevue, NE expressed affection for the gym. He affirmed that everyone is helpful and the gym is worth the price. Nick H. from Minneapolis, MN also affirmed that all the staffs were willing to render assitance.

Business Phone number (402) 614-6446

Business website: www.fitfarmomaha.com

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