1. CrossFit 402 Fitness Centre

One of the top fitness centre in Omaha, Nebraska, the CrossFit 402 specializes in gym activities, It is located at 16909 Lakeside Hills Plz Ste 106 Omaha, NE 68130.

With deep committed to bring serious and lasting long-term fitness transformation to members, the Crossfit 402 fitness centre was established. They are burdened with providing members with a very conducive environment where their workout activities are bound to succeed and bring a positive change into members’ life.

The mission of the crossfit 402 is founded in their customer service. Thus they aim to provide and give all necessary support to members to enable them reach their goals. They welcome people of all age, class and fitness level with workouts structured to suit their fitness level.


The Crossfit 402 fitness centre has a wide array of programs from which members can benefit. The presence of highly qualified and well trained instructors makes the programs offered very effective. They offer personal fitness classes, group fitness classes, one-on-one training programs all designed to suit member’s levels and needs. They boast of the availability of a lot of equipments, modern and challenging equipments to cater for the fitness need of members.

A couple of users experience gathered by this Nebraska fitness club review established some claims by the centre. Sarah S. From Fort Worth, TX reported that the coaches present are very friendly and attentive, She loves the availability of plenty workout equipments. Everyone is welcoming and they do not joke with members’ safety reported Sarah. Paul K. From Las Vegas, NV also confirmed the hospitality of the gym members, staffs and owners. He loved the nice equipments and also recommended her for interested users.

Phone number (402) 630-8941

Business website: www.crossfit402.com

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