10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. X-treme Rock Climbing


X-TREME Rock is a full service climbing centre in Miami. The fitness centre is located at 13972 SW 139 Ct, Miami, FL 33186. The gym was established in 1998.

The gym offers rock climbing instructions, indoor rock climbing and full exercise facility. The fitness centre also has a spacious Yoga facility. X-treme Rock Climbing has climbing of 14,000 square feet. The gym is also blessed with many amenities that make their facility to be among the top climbing gyms in the area and the country too. There is something there for everyone. Even experienced climbers are still challenged by the overhangs and the roofs.

X-treme Rock Climbing also has trainers and coaches that are USA Climbing Certified and they welcome anybody with any fitness experience or level, even the beginners. The routines at the gym are often changed frequently, so there is something new for members to climb every day. X-treme Rock Climbing also has campus board and finger board for those that want to build finger strength.

Even if you do not have a climbing gear, the gym has a pro-shop where you can rent any equipment of your choice forthe day or even buy the climbing gear if you want.  Recently, 7,000 square feet was added to the facilities of X-treme Rock Climbing,so they now offer fitness centre, yoga classes, wireless internet connection and other amenities that you might have to experience yourself.

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Camila C. from Miami, FL said X-treme Rock Climbing is obviously a great place if not, she wouldn’t have had to continually pay for membership for close to a year now. She mentioned that the gym is a great source of exercise and lots of fun. Camila also asid that the staff at X-treme Rock Climbing are helpful and friendly .

According to her, the routine also change frequently so you do not have to be afraid of getting bored. The climbing community is also very welcoming and great. Camila also mentioned that climbing exercises at X-treme Rock Climbing are also addicting.

Brendan Z. from Miami, FL mentioned his own review of the X-treme Rock Climbing that the gym is decent and great for beginners like himself. He also mentioned that the parking is decent except for its limited shade. According to Brendan, the prices are decent and the customer service is most of the time helpful and friendly but they can get too busy at times.

The equipments are great and so is the facility. However, Brendan has complaints about the place being too hot at times because there is no AC and the fans are located near the front desk.

You can contact X-treme Rock Climbing fitness centre on (305) 233-6623 or visit their business website at www.x-tremerock.com to learn more.


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