10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. Crossfit Yellow Falcon

6209-Fitnift_Img_templateCrossfit Yellow Falcon is a 6,500 sq ft fitness facility in Miami.. It is located at 1930 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136, Wynwood. Crossfit Yellow Falcon was established in the year 2015. The gym is owned and managed by Rene Viera.

Rene Vierai is the program director and Head Coach and Program Director at Crossfit Yellow Falcon fitness centre. He is a Level 1 certified Crossfit coach. Growing up, his focus was mainly on football and baseball. He’slove for helping people led him to coaching and Rene is popularly known for his ability motivate people to achieve their health and fitness goal.

Crossfit Yellow Falcon specializes in crossfit, personal training and Olympic weightlifting. The gym also offers lounge area, showers, kids zone, towel service and lots of free parking. Crossfit Yellow Falcon is for everyone. Every class in Crossfit Yellow Falcon is taught by professional and certified coaches. Whatever your fitness goal it-getting fit, losing weight, getting strong or just being a part of a community of people that are health conscious, then Crossfit Yellow Falcon might be the best for you.

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To Gabriela S. from Doral, FL, Crossfit Yellow Falcon is just a second home. She also could not find the right words to express the feeling of fullness she always experienced at the end of he workouts at the gym. Gabriella has only been a staff for a years and according to her, she has so much improved and the coaches has always been there for her every step of the e=way to achieve every one of her fitness goal. She also went ahead to recommend the gym for anyone seeking to give crossfit a try.

Chip T. from New Lenox, IL claimed he has tried every gym in Miami and Crossfit Yellow Falcon is the best. she also mentioned that the owner, Rene, is a fantastic coach and she keeps a well organised gym as well. The other coaches there are also supportive and make your time at hte gym very enjoyable. According to Chip, the fitness centre also has a very welcoming, friendly environment for all fitness levels and sometimes competitive for those that want it that way.

Sally H. from Aurora, CO mentioned in her review of the gym that the box is amazing. She also said the coaches are welcoming and experienced. According to sally, she has been able to make a family she so much love at the gym.

You can contact Crossfit Yellow Falcon centre on (786) 703-2601or visit their business website at www.crossfityellowfalcon.com to learn more.

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