10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

3. CrossFit 513 United


CrossFit 513 United is one of the top fitness gyms in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is located at 327 W Fourth St Cincinnati, OH 45202 Downtown.

Most of the workout experience at CrossFit fitness center are wholesome and get member ready for any task ahead. The three main metabolic pathways of oxidative, glycolytic and phosphagen will get maximum attention as you go through CrossFit gym. At CrossFit 513 United athletes are trained in all manners of gymnastics, training meant to work on strength, weight and muscle flexibility. Emphases are placed on Olympic weightlifting by CrossFit fitness center, this is in speculation to develop real athlete’s power, and also work on the ability to control external objects. Every athlete is made to go through series of sports so as to measure the level of fitness attained by such an athlete.

Crossfit is simply a core strength plus conditioning program. Crossfit isn’t a specialized program on fitness but a purposeful attempt to improve physical competence in every 10 recognized fitness spheres. Crossfit attempts to work on cardiovascular, stamina, respiratory longevity, power, speed, agility, accuracy and balance.


The goal of this crossfit program is to enable athlete be up to the task for any physical challenge. The coaches at CrossFit 513 United are crossfit experts with different levels of crossfit. They are there to give training needed to make you strong and fit for any challenge. The atmosphere at the fitness center is such that encourages your training. This is a fitness center meant for everyone as long the goal is a get improved fitness.

Mike S confirmed that coaches at Crossfit 513 united are skillful and have the knowledge required to make one a good crossfit trainer.Kelsi D on the other hand revealed that she has never been an athlete but began loving the whole process when she joined the Crossfit 513 united team.

Contact details of CrossFit 513 United

Phone number: (513) 655-6545

Website: www.crossfit513united.com/

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