10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

7. Planet Fitness – Newport


Planet Fitness – Newport in a fitness training center around the City Ohio. It is located at 82 Carothers Road Newport, KY 41071.

Planet Fitness – Newport training center is known for their special features – some of which are; low prices stuffs, Lunk Alarm, and more. They try so much to make every of their clients feel they belong to the planet, a planet where series of fitness activities proceeds. The Planet fitness team creates such environment where people can really enjoy good relaxation, work at their own pace without being disturbed and do their thing without having nursing the fear of getting judged. You will be made to understand that doing real mental and physical fitness makes you engrossed to the planet.

Planet Fitness – Newport offers it members with lots of benefits, they include; T-shirts, home clubbing with unlimited access, fitness training unlimited, use of all franchised planet fitness location, guest privileges, tanning use, usage of the massaging chair, half priced of cool drink and more. Overtime a lot of people have been enjoying every of this benefits. This stresses the fact that the Planet Fitness – Newport center offers lower prices for all of it services.

Planet Fitness – Newport center has helped people in reaching their fitness desire. According to Deneen C the gym is one of the best ever gym she has visited for fitness training because they’ve got good atmosphere of services, awesome equipment, plus also their services are affordable.

Contact Details of Planet Fitness – Newport

Phone Numbe: (859) 291-7500

Business Website: planetfitness.com

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